Create an account


To setup your custom Levelhead message, you will need to follow these steps

Step 1: Create account. You will create an account so you can configure the Levelhead message.
Step 2: Verify Account. You will verify your identity by linking the account to an ingame user.
Step 3: Purchase. If you would like access to this feature you must either directly purchase it or donating 5 or more USD during a livestream. It is available for free to sponsors on YouTube Gaming
Step 4: Setup. At this point you have proved that you are who you say you are and that you should have access to the feature. You can enter the custom message you want to display and it will activate in a few minutes.

What is a custom Levelhead message

A custom Levelhead message allows you customize what is shown above your own head in Levelhead


How many people will see my custom Levelhead?

Everybody that runs into you either during a game or in a lobby with Levelhead will be able to see your custom Levelhead message. 10,000 people use Levelhead a day potentially allowing thousands to see your message daily.

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