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To setup your custom Levelhead message, you will need to follow these steps

Step 1: Create account. You will create an account so you can configure the Levelhead message.
Step 2: Verify Account. You will verify your identity by linking the account to a Minecraft account.
Step 3: Purchase. At this point, we know who you are. It is time to
Step 4: Setup. Configure Custom Levelhead according to your preferences.

What is Levelhead?

Levelhead is a mod that displays stats above players' head while playing on the Hypixel Network. Learn more on the Levelhead Mod Page

What is a custom Levelhead message

A custom Levelhead message allows you customize what is shown above your own head in Levelhead


How many people will see my custom Levelhead?

Everybody that runs into you either during a game or in a lobby with Levelhead will be able to see your custom Levelhead message. Levelhead is used by tens of thousands of players weekly

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