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Patcher is a 1.8.9 Forge mod created to improve your all-around Minecraft experience, bringing tons of Quality of Life additions, performance improvements, and tons of Vanilla bug fixes.

For a list of mods that are no longer needed while using Patcher & recommended alternatives, please visit this link.

If you have any issues while using Patcher, please let us know at our support server on Discord.


This mod requires Essential to work. It will be automatically installed when you start your game. If you want to learn more about what Essential is please go to

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Patcher 1.6.1 for Minecraft 1.8.9

Change Log

1.6.1 - 1.8.9 (Aug 18, 2021)


+ Possibly resolve resources not being found and appearing black & pink
+ Resolve Server List button being shorter than usual in specific cases with Essential's settings
+ Resolve Show Own Nametag not appearing when HUD is disabled
+ Resolve Tab Height activating when mods disable the bossbar
+ Resolve color bleeding onto entities, tile entities, HUD elements, etc.
+ Resolve crosshair rendering twice with HUD Caching & Custom Crosshair
+ Resolve heads not rendering properly
+ Resolve screenshots returning a null error when it fails to delete the previous message
+ Resolve sorting being lost in the available packs screen
+ Vanilla: Resolve crash when server sends a bad server icon

1.6 - 1.8.9 (Aug 04, 2021)


+ 1.11 Chat Length (Screens -> Chat)
+ 1.16 Chat Delay (Screens -> Chat)
+ Add Text Shadow to Actionbar (Miscellaneous -> Rendering)
+ Automatically refresh singleplayer menu when a new save is inserted
+ Better FPS Limiter Integration (Done through /patcher fps)
+ Chat Timestamps Style (Screens -> Chat)
+ Clean Projectiles (Miscellaneous -> Rendering)
+ Click Out of Containers (Screens -> Inventory)
+ Consecutive Compact Chat (Screens -> Chat)
+ Disable Hotbar Scrolling (Miscellaneous -> General)
+ Entity Back-face Culling (Performance -> Culling)
+ HUD Caching (Experimental -> HUD Caching) (Credits: Moulberry)
+ Individual Screenshot Feedback Button Toggles (Screenshots -> Feedback)
+ Max Particle Limit (Performance -> Particles)
+ Modifiable F1, F3, and F4 keybinds (Controls menu)
+ Name History Style (Screens -> General)
+ Player Back-face Culling (Performance -> Culling)
+ Remove Map Bobbing (Miscellaneous -> General)
+ Render Hand While Zoomed (Miscellaneous -> OptiFine)
+ Ridden Horse Opacity (Miscellaneous -> Rendering)
+ Split Entity Render Distance into categories (Performance -> Entity Rendering)
+ Static Items (Miscellaneous -> General)
+ Unfocused FPS (Miscellaneous -> General)
+ Unfocused Sounds (Miscellaneous -> General)
+ Unstacked Items (Performance -> Entity Rendering)
+ Use Vanilla Metrics Renderer (Miscellaneous -> OptiFine)


+ Resolve a scoreboard patch not being applied
+ Resolve bold unicode characters messing with shadow offset
+ Resolve coloring issues with Image Preview
+ Resolve crash with CleanView
+ Resolve crash with FOV Modifier
+ Resolve font renderer issues when SmoothFont is present
+ Resolve height issues on Glance Renderers
+ Resolve incompatibility with Hychat and Shift+F3
+ Resolve incompatibility with Hytilities
+ Resolve issues regarding ResourceExploitFix
+ Resolve issues regarding case sensitivity in commands
+ Resolve issues with dividers and Compact Chat
+ Resolve performance issue with Debug Performance Stats
+ Resolve performance issue with Entity Culling
+ Resolve Smooth Zoom Animation appearing to skip
+ Resolve text styling being lost with Optimized Font Renderer
+ Resolve tick events processing 40 times/s instead of 20 times/s
+ Resolve Z-Fighting on own nametag
+ Vanilla: MC-30481/Enchanted fishing rod doesn't glow when fishing
+ Vanilla: MC-54619/World border invisible with blindness effect
+ Vanilla: MC-63720/Banners don't move in wind when over certain "Time" value of the level.dat
+ Vanilla: MC-64591/Wither Skeletons Wield Sword Incorrectly
+ Vanilla: MC-79995/Too many banners items (in chests) will become invisible after 6-7 chests
+ Vanilla: MC-82351/Fire overlay appears as missing if not referenced in a model
+ Vanilla: Resolve Alex arms being down 2 pixels further than Steve arms (Bug Fixes -> Rendering)
+ Vanilla: Resolve Shift+NUMBER not registering on Linux
+ Vanilla: Resolve Villager's robes missing the bottom two pixels
+ Vanilla: Resolve absorption hearts rendering as empty when poisoned/withered
+ Vanilla: Resolve another performance issue when opening the Resource Packs screen
+ Vanilla: Resolve baby withers having normal wither shadow scale
+ Vanilla: Resolve crash when updating Potion Effects
+ Vanilla: Resolve hovering over text component in books appearing under icons
+ Vanilla: Resolve invalid NBT crash
+ Vanilla: Resolve log spam when in Skyblock Dungeons due to malformed map packets (Credits: DJtheRedstoner)
+ Vanilla: Resolve log spam when removing scoreboard objectives
+ Vanilla: Resolve memory leak with maps
+ Vanilla: Resolve resource packs being held onto when unused
+ Vanilla: Resolve strange text shadow offset
+ Vanilla: Resolve z-fighting on slabs & water


+ Automatically fetch supported OptiFine versions
+ Categorized sounds by their typical category in the Patcher Sounds menu
+ Compact Chat will now use number formatting (1,000, 10,000, etc.)
+ Easy access to /patcher sounds through /patcher & the button titled Modify Every Sound
+ Force-enable several settings
+ Improved Instant World Swapping functionality
+ Migrated all commands to /patcher. Use /patcher help to find a list of all commands
+ Redesigned Name History screen
+ Renamed Anti Clear Chat to Remove Blank Messages
+ Renamed Container Backgrounds to Remove Container Background
+ Renamed Zoom Smooth Camera to Remove Smooth Camera While Zoomed
+ Replaced ModCore with Essential
+ Rework Chat Peek to render all of chat instead of rendering an extra chat
+ Rework Show Own Nametag to render the same way other players would see it
+ Server List button will no longer kick you from the server when clicking Direct Connect
- Removed Disable Mob Spawning
- Removed Optimized Item Renderer

1.5.1 - 1.8.9 (Dec 27, 2020)


+ Resolve Compact Chat & Optimized Resource Pack Discovery issues by force-disabling them when Labymod is found. This issue is entirely on their end.
+ Resolve pack icons below 64x64 being upscaled to 64x64, wasting memory.


+ Recolor Safe Chat Clicks.

1.5 - 1.8.9 (Dec 26, 2020)


+ Auto Copy Screenshots. Automatically copy a screenshot to the clipboard when taken. (Screenshots -> General)
+ Check Armorstand Rules: Don't cull armorstands with the NBT flag "Marker:1b". Will provide better visibility for a lot of things in Hypixel Skyblock (for example) that get removed by Entity Culling, while losing out on some performance. (Performance -> Culling)
+ Chunk Update Limiting: Limit the amount of chunk updates that happen a second. (Performance -> World, min 5 max 250, has a hard toggle for no cap, Credits: Moulberry)
+ Compact Chat Time: Change how long before old messages are no longer compacted. (Screens -> Chat, replaces Super Compact Chat)
+ Delete any separator that was previously apart of a compacted message.
+ Detect ModCore in mods folder, warn the user if it's present as it could lead to crashing.
+ Disable Mapped Item Frames: Stop item frames only with maps as their item from rendering. (Performance -> Entity Rendering)
+ Fluid Stitching: Fix missing edges in fluids. May cause Z-Fighting against other blocks. (Bug Fixes -> Rendering)
+ Force tooltips to render above potion effects.
+ Inventory Scale: Change the GUI Scale of the inventory standalone of your normal GUI Scale. Accessed by '/invscale help'. (Credits: Moulberry)
+ Move Tooltips to render above Potion Effects.
+ Nether Wart & Wheat support for 1.12 hitboxes.
+ Optimized Resource Pack Discovery. When using more than 50 resource packs, the screen to view them may take a while. This should now be much quicker. (Credits: Moulberry)
+ Optimized Skin Loading: Reduce the amount of stutter when loading into a world with a lot of players, caused by fetching the skin file and applying it. (Credits: Moulberry)
+ Remove Screen Bobbing: While using View Bobbing, only remove the view aspect but have the hand still bounce around. (Miscellaneous -> General)
+ Rewrote Compact Chat & the way it works.
+ Shift Chat: Holding shift while pressing enter will keep chat open. (Screens -> Chat)
+ Smart Disconnect: Choose between disconnecting or relogging when clicking the disconnect button. (Screens -> General)

+ OptiFine I7-M5: Resolve OptiFine causing resourcepacks that edit the XP bar color to be the Vanilla color. (Credits: Moulberry)
+ OptiFine L5-L6: Resolve horses sometimes never rendering, and hitting said horse would cause the screen to have a red tint. (Credits: rbrick & DJtheRedstoner)
+ OptiFine L5-L6: Resolve signs flickering while editing them, such as the Hypixel Skyblock Banker's signs. (Credits: DJtheRedstoner)
+ OptiFine L5-L6: Resolve wither particles following your crosshair when using L5 or above. (Credits: DJtheRedstoner)
+ OptiFine L5-M5: Resolve a duplicate & useless "Alternate Blocks" button in the Details menu. (Credits: DJtheRedstoner)
+ OptiFine M5-pre1 & pre2 support.
+ Resolve Forge issue where "Search:" in the Mods GUI would be "Search\:"
+ Resolve Minecraft sometimes never saving options.
+ Resolve the player not hearing when their own armor breaks.


+ Make sure the entity is in the same world as the player before culling.
+ Resolve Alternate Text Shadow not affecting Shadowed Nametags.
+ Resolve Chat Height issues with Vanilla Enhancements.
+ Resolve Crop Hitbox issues.
+ Resolve FOV setting not saving when using /fov.
+ Resolve Inventory Position being overwritten by Spiderfrog's Old Animations.
+ Resolve Patcher's interaction with Levelhead & PingTag.
+ Resolve Z-Fighting on Shadowed Nametags.
+ Resolve a few transformer issues and the way they interact with other mods.
+ Resolve bleeding text color, causing several rendering issues with transparent HUD elements.
+ Resolve crash when running /patcher debugfps.
+ Resolve dropped items never rendering with Labymod.
+ Resolve issues regarding SkyblockAddons & Entity Render Distance, and NotEnoughUpdates & Entity Culling.
+ Resolve issues with unicode font rendering with italics.
+ Resolve keybinds being loaded too early, resolving issues with mods that use Mixins on KeyBinding.
+ Resolve messages with type 1 (Command Blocks and such) not being compacted.
+ Resolve most/all complaints about Compact Chat. This may behave weirdly as a result, as it has been entirely rewritten so expect a few issues. (Credit: Moulberry)
+ Resolve not being able to open screenshots folder after deleting a screenshot.
+ Resolve not being able to use Drop Modifier in some situations.
+ Resolve own nametag rendering while in spectator.
+ Resolve possible crash when connecting a server quickly.
+ Resolve the sun sometimes being black when using a Powns mod.


+ Alert the user when uploading too many screenshots too quickly.
+ Changed /coords to /sendcoords.
+ Completely redesigned Name History menu, should look much nicer now.
+ Force Chat History Length to always be 32767, removes option to change.
+ Force max FOV through /fov to be 110 to stop things from being broken when too high.
+ Made Hotbar Utilities look more consistent.
- Removed Chunk Lighting Fix due to complaints of stuttering.

1.4.1 - 1.8.9 (Oct 31, 2020)


+ Force Entity Culling to be disabled if Vanilla Enhancements or Labymod are found in their loaded mods.
+ Stop the client from launching if using OptiFine I3 or lower as these have never been supported by Patcher and will always crash.

1.4 - 1.8.9 (Oct 26, 2020)


+ Better F1: Hide nametags when using F1.
+ Chat Timestamps Format: Use 12 Hour or 24 Hour time formats for Chat Timestamps.
+ Clean Text Shadow: Change the text shadow to only move down rather than moving to the side.
+ Fixed a ton of <a href ="">Vanilla bugs (over 40)</a>.
+ Preview Animation: Change the way the Screenshot Preview animation looks.
+ Preview Scale: Change the scale of the Screenshot Preview.
+ Preview Time: Change how long Screenshot Preview lasts.
+ Rewrote Entity Culling to use Depth Buffer Sampling, resulting in much better culling performance.
+ Shadowed Nametags: Render nametag text with a shadow.
+ Silence scoreboard spam when in a place like Skyblock Dungeons.
+ Smart Entity Culling: Automatically disable Entity Culling when using OptiFine shaders.
+ Smart Fullbright: Automatically disable Fullbright when using OptiFine shaders.
+ Smooth Zoom: Add an animation to the zoom effect when using OptiFine zoom.
+ Toggle Zoom: Use OptiFine zoom with a single keypress instead of holding it.
+ Zoom Sensitivity: Change your sensitivity when using OptiFine zoom.


+ Fixed skin transparency on player skulls breaking potion effect icon.
+ Resolved freeze when copying a screenshot to clipboard.
+ Resolved freeze when enchanting an item for the first time.
+ Resolved performance issues when using Damage Glance.


+ Added support for OptiFine L6.
+ Detect duplicate mods on startup and warn the user.
+ Made 1.14 camera handling able to be toggled.
+ Made Chat Peek a held keybind instead of a toggle.
+ Reorganized Patcher settings.

1.3 - 1.8.9 (Sep 01, 2020)


+ Allow removing transparency from clouds. (Performance -> World).
+ Async Block & Item Loading.
+ Async Mod Loading.
+ Improved overall memory usage.
+ Optimized Fog Color Calculation. (Performance -> World)
+ Optimized Font Renderer. (Performance -> Rendering)
+ Optimized Item Rendering. (Performance -> Items)
+ Optimized Lightmap Updates.
+ Optimized Model Rendering. (Performance -> World)
+ Optimized Particle Collision.
+ Optimized Particle Color Calculation. (Performance -> Particles).
+ Particle Culling - Stop rendering particles that you don't see. (Performance -> Culling)

+ 1.12 Potato/Carrot hitboxes. (Quality of Life -> General, will only work on Hypixel)
+ Add option to simplify Optifine L5's FPS Counter. (Quality of Life -> Optifine)
+ Chat Peek Keybind - "Open" chat with a keybind, allowing you to read the last few available messages without opening chat. (Located in the keybinds menu)
+ Detect incompatible mods on startup & tell the user. (Currently only Frames+ & the old 5zig)
+ Drop Modifier Keybind - Change the key used to drop a stack of items, allowing you to make it something such as K+Q. (Located in the keybinds menu)
+ Entity Render Distance - Choose how far away an entity has to be before rendering. (1 to 64 (vanilla, default), Performance -> Rendering)
+ Gui Crosshair - Removes the crosshair when inside of any GUI. (Quality of Life -> General)
+ Image Previewing - Hover over an image link and display the current image on the screen, currently only supports Imgur and Badlion Client screenshots. (Quality of Life -> Image Preview)
+ Remove Crosshair Inversion - Allow disabling the inverted color effect on the crosshair. (Quality of Life -> General)
+ Remove Underwater FOV - Allow removing the slight FOV change when entering water. (Quality of Life -> Field of View)
+ Remove the "Unable to locate sign at (coords)" message from chat.
+ Select a server while on the multiplayer menu through ctrl + number.
+ Show Patcher version in the F3 menu.
+ Show what link/command will be ran when hovering over a chat component. (Quality of Life -> Chat)
+ Slider allowing you to change how much the tab goes down when there's a bossbar present. (now 10 by default as that's much better compared to how far down it was prior, min 0 max 24, Quality of Life -> Tab)

+ Fix Forge issue where some class names use ',' instead of '.'
+ Vanilla Bug Fix - MC-31222/Crash when pressing a Hotbar slot key & leaving the GUI at the same time.


+ Catch null screenshots from attempting to be deleted.
+ Fix blacklisted servers not being blacklisted when restarting.
+ Fixed Screenshot Preview utilizing other threads to display the image.
+ Fixed player sprint particles being removed when using "Disable Block Breaking Particles".
+ Fixed skulls not respecting skin transparency.
+ Fixed small chance to crash on opening the server menu.
+ Imgur Uploading no longer blocks the client while uploading.
+ ReplayMod, CustomMainMenu, 5zigReborn, & bspkrscore Compatibility.
+ Screenshot Preview now functions properly.
+ Stop Hotbar Glances from appearing while in spectator mode.
+ Stop rendering the nametag twice when using Entity Culling & Don't Cull Nametags.


+ Extend 'Disable Armorstands' description to note that this setting will also disable most NPC names on most servers.
+ Make ResourceExploitFix toggleable for servers that don't support what it's trying to do. (Fixes -> Security)
+ Move the cloud renderer related items from Rendering to World.
+ Moved /name & /pblacklist to /patcher name/names playerName | blacklist serverip. User is told about these when using the original.
+ Moved some chat messages over to ModCore notifications (Can be reverted by entirely disabling ModCore notifications in /modcore).

1.2 - 1.8.9 (May 16, 2020)


+ Optimized startup time when using a lot of mods that go through a lot of construction.
+ Optimized visible face scanning in frustum culling.
+ Optimized GL Error Checking further.
+ Resolve an undocumented Vanilla bug in LWJGL 2.0 that caused inputs on mouse button 4 to be treated as mouse button 5 when any modifiers are pressed (Shift, Control, etc.)
+ Resolve Vanilla Bug MC-63020 & MC-70850/False-negatives in frustum culling, leaving empty spots in chunks.
+ Resolve Vanilla Bug MC-35714/Sounds duplicate when entering/leaving a GUI.
+ Resolve Vanilla Bug MC-77759/The game takes a screenshot when pressing the "<|>" key on foreign keyboards.


+ Fix deleted screenshots being kept in memory.

1.1 - 1.8.9 (May 08, 2020)


+ Entity Culling - Don't render entities that you can't see. (Performance -> Culling)
+ Don't Cull Nametags - When using Entity Culling, enable this if you still want to see name tags. (Performance -> Culling)
+ Remove Water Overlay - Remove the water texture overlay when underwater. (Quality of Life -> Overlay)
+ Protection/Projectile Protection Values - View the total amount of protection & projectile protection you currently have with your armor. (Quality of Life -> Combat Utilities)
+ Drop All Key - Drop an entire stack using a key. (Only useful for macOS, as this isn't normally possible on there)
+ NameHistory - Press a set keybind while hovering over a player (player has to be within 12 blocks) to view their name history, or type /names <username>.
+ Transparent chat field - Remove the box under the currently typed chat message. (Quality of Life -> Chat)
+ CleanView integration - Stop rendering potion effects emitted by the player. (Quality of Life -> Rendering, originally by LianMI)
+ Windowed Fullscreen - Remove the border around the window when fullscreen, also includes Instant Fullscreen (Instant Fullscreen only works on Windows, Quality of Life -> Fullscreen)
+ ScreenshotManager Integration - Include our mod, ScreenshotManager, which allows for a much better screenshotting experience (Quality of Life -> Screenshot Utilities)
+ Clean Main Menu - Remove the realms button and extend the width of the mods button. (Quality of Life -> General)
+ Disable Block Breaking Particles - Remove the particles created by blocks when breaking. (Performance -> Particles)
+ Disable Enchantment Table Book - Remove the book from enchantment tables. (Performance -> Rendering)
+ Disable GL Error Checking - Disable unnecessary constant checking for errors in OpenGL. (Performance -> General)
+ Disable Enchantment Glint - Stop enchantment glints from rendering. (Performance -> Rendering)
+ Save Chat when toggling fullscreen. (Quality of Life -> Chat, by UserTeemu)
+ Log Optimizer - Remove logs within a set amount of days. (1 -> 90, Quality of Life -> Cleaner, off by default)
+ Refresh Skin - Refresh your current skin without having to leave the world. (Button can be toggled in Quality of Life -> General, can also be invoked using /refreshskin)
+ Super Compact Chat - Compact messages within the select range. (1 (previous functionality) -> 25, Quality of Life -> Chat)
+ Ignore tall grass/flowers when in third person.
+ AntiClearChat - Remove blank messages from chat.
+ Server List - Remove the 'Open to Lan' button when in a multiplayer server and replace it with a server list button. (Quality of Life -> General)
+ Optimized Cloud Rendering - Upload cloud geometry to the GPU, resulting in much faster cloud rendering. (Performance -> Rendering)
+ Optimizations regarding TileEntities, PathFinding memory leak, BlockEntities removal, Resource loading, Entity capability checks, GameRules, and other players.
+ Vanilla Bug - MC-234/z-fighting when digging straight down.
+ Vanilla Bug - MC-101233/burned out Redstone torch map causes a memory leak.
+ Vanilla Bug - MC-2781/languages using Windows IME to type (chinese, korean, japanese, etc.) cannot speak in chat. 
+ Vanilla Bug - MC-417/arrows bounce back then appear at correct location.
+ Vanilla Bug - MC-11519 & MC-50304/collecting too much xp could act as an epilepsy trigger & experience orbs are too low to the ground.
+ Vanilla Bug - MC-58614/xp bar isnt transparent when crosshair isnt visible.
+ Vanilla Bug - MC-1846/player camera is too far back, making things appear the way they shouldnt. (Fixes -> Parallax Fix)
+ Vanilla Bug - MC-92057/particles/entities at y>=256 are dark
+ Vanilla Bug - Skylight performance being recalculated is very slow.


+ Resolve ResourceExploitFix not working at all.
+ Resolve Void Flicker Fix not working at all.


+ Made CrossChat optional.
+ Compact Chat now ignores things like separators & empty messages.
+ Tab Overlay Ping now draws with a shadow.
+ Rename 'Hotbar Utilities' to 'Combat Utilities'.
+ Rename 'Fire Height' to 'Fire Overlay Height', move to 'Overlay'.
+ Rename 'Pack Images' to 'Downscale Pack Images', move to 'Resources'.
+ Better mod support regarding Levelhead, PingTag, and TNT Timer.

1.0 - 1.8.9 (Apr 05, 2020)

The initial release of Patcher.

Mod Stats

Total Users: 287,536
Last Week: 29,392
Last Day: 12,930

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