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Patcher is a Forge mod created for the intent of fixing Vanilla bugs, Forge bugs, adding Quality of Life enhancements, and improving performance.

Patcher replaces the following mods.

Patcher contains the following features.
  • Sound Customization - Change the volume of any sound available, from 0 to 2x the normal volume. Accessible by /patchersounds
  • Fullscreen Fix - Allow the screen to be resized after toggling fullscreen.
  • Item Searching - Minecraft doesn't stop searching for other items to combine despite being a full stack.
  • Reset Death Timers - Allow for respawning when toggling fullscreen on the "You Died!" menu.
  • Command Handling - Fix Forge's command handler not checking for a '/' at the start of a command.
  • Case Insensitive Commands - Allow for case insensitivity.
  • Inventory Position - Stop potion effects from shifting your inventroy to the right.
  • MouseDelayFix - Stop your actual position from being a tick ahead of your crosshair.
  • Arm Position - Reset the player state properly once mounting an entity, fixing weird arm rotation.
  • Head Rotations - Properly rotate the users head while mounting an entity.
  • Fullbright - Remove lighting updates, increasing visibility.
  • Sky Height - Set the sky height to 0, removing void flickering.
  • Instant World Swapping - Remove waiting times between swapping worlds.
  • Nausea Effect - Remove the nether portal appearing when clearing nausea.
  • Scoreboard Patch - Fix scoreboard spamming logs with errors.
  • Disable Achievements - Remove achievement notifications.
  • Container Backgrounds - Remove the dark background inside a container.
  • Fire Height - Change the height of the ingame fire overlay.
  • Chat History Length - Change how many messages you can scroll back past.
  • FOV Modifier - Allow for modifying FOV change states.
  • Sprinting FOV - Change your FOV when sprinting.
  • Bow FOV - Change your FOV when pulling back a bow.
  • Speed FOV - Change your FOV when having the speed effect.
  • Slowness FOV - Change your FOV when having the slowness effect.
  • Tab Opacity - Change tab list opacity, based on 0 to 100%.
  • Pack Images - Change all pack icons to 64x64 to improve memory usage.
  • Toggle Tab - Hold tab open with a single keypress.
  • Crosshair Perspective - Remove the crosshair when in third person.
  • Remove Tall Grass - Stop tall grass/double tall plants from rendering.
  • Transparent Chat - Remove the background from chat.
  • Tab Height - Move the tab overlay down 16 pixels when there's an active bossbar.
  • Disable Armorstands - Stop armorstands from rendering.
  • Disable Item Frames - Stop item frames from rendering.
  • Disable Grounded Arrows - Stop arrows that are in the ground from rendering.
  • Disable Attached Arrows - Stop arrows that are attached to a player from rendering.
  • Disable Moving Arrows - Stop arrows that are airborne from rendering.
  • Disable Skulls - Stop skulls from rendering.
  • Disable End Portals - Stop end portals from rendering.
  • Disable Shadowed Text - Remove shadows from text.
  • Show Own Nametag - See your own nametag in third person.
  • MouseBindFix - Fixes an issue where keybinds bound to mouse buttons do not work in inventories.
  • OptiFine Zoom Adjustment - Scroll when using OptiFine's zoom to adjust the zoom level.
  • OptiFine Zoom Sensitivity - Remove the smoothing from OptiFine's zoom.
  • Compact Chat - Clean up chat by stacking duplicate messages.
  • Number Ping - Show a readable number in tab instead of bars.
  • Numerical Enchantments - Use normal numbers instead of roman numerals on enchants.
  • Startup Notification - Notify how long the game took to startup with a notification.
  • Keep Shaders on Perspective Change - Keep the shaders you're currently using while also being able to toggle perspective.
  • Better Keybind Handling - Make keys re-register when closing a GUI, like in 1.12+.
  • Damage Glance - View the damage value of the currently held item above your hotbar.
  • Item Count Glance - View the amount of the currently held item you have above your hotbar.
  • Enchantment Glance - View the enchantments of the currently held item above your hotbar.
  • Chat Position - Move the chat up 12 pixels to stop it from overlapping the health bar, as done in 1.12+.
  • Chat Timestamps - Add timestamps before a message.
  • Transparent Nametags - Remove boxes around nametags.
  • Arrow Lighting - Stop attached arrows from lighting up other entities.

Patcher also contains the following features behind the scenes.

Patcher had a lot of help during development by LlamaLad7 & integrates features from prplz & 2pi.

If you're using 5Zig, please use 5Zig Reborn, an open-source & maintained version of 5Zig built with compatibility in mind, as the original 5Zig will not work with Patcher.


Direct Download

Click on a Minecraft version below in order to download the mod and place the file in your mods directory

Patcher 1.3 for Minecraft 1.8.9

Change Log

1.3 - 1.8.9 (Sep 01, 2020)

+ Many new Optimizations, including a brand new font renderer, faster item rendering, particle culling, etc.
+ Many new Quality of Life features, such as an Entity Render Distance slider, Image Previewing, etc.
+ Fixed the Vanilla bug that would crash the game when closing a GUI and pressing a hotbar key slot at the same time.
+ Added the current Patcher version in F3 on the right with other mod information added by Forge.

+ ReplayMod, CustomMainMenu, 5zigReborn, BspkrsCore, & much more compatibility.
+ Stack Underflow spam when using Chat Position.
+ Rendering nametags twice when using Entity Culling & Don't Cull Nametags together.
+ Screenshot Preview will now function properly.
+ Made uploading a screenshot asynchronous, no longer freezing the game.
+ Blacklisted Servers will now properly load on startup.
+ Protection & Projectile Projection will now properly show together.
+ Player heads will now properly respect skin transparency.
+ Hotbar Glances will now no longer show when in Spectator mode.
+ FullBright no longer effects mob spawning & snow generation.
+ Entity Culling no longer culls entities inside of a GUI or onscreen displays.
+ Player sprint particles being removed when using "Disable Block Breaking Particles".

+ Moved commands such as /patchersounds to /patcher sounds, /name to /patcher name, /pblacklist to /patcher blacklist.
+ Moved around some config options and improved some options descriptions.

A full changelog can be found here

1.2 - 1.8.9 (May 16, 2020)

- Fix a documented Vanilla bug in LWJGL 2.0 that caused inputs on mouse button 4 to be treated as mouse button 5 when any modifiers are pressed (Shift, Control, etc.)
- Optimized startup time when using a lot of mods that go through a lot of construction.
- Optimized visible face scanning in frustum culling.
- Optimized GL Error Checking further.

- Fix Vanilla Bug MC-63020 & MC-70850/False-negatives in frustum culling, leaving empty spots in chunks.
- Fix Vanilla Bug MC-35714/Sounds duplicate when entering/leaving a GUI.
- Fix Vanilla Bug MC-77759/The game takes a screenshot when pressing the "<|>" key on foreign keyboards.
- Fix deleted screenshots being kept in memory.

1.1 - 1.8.9 (May 08, 2020)

The second iteration of Patcher, bringing a lot of features, bug fixes, misc changes, and vanilla optimizations.
Full changelog is available at this gist.

1.0 - 1.8.9 (Apr 05, 2020)

The initial release of Patcher.

Mod Stats

Total Users: 64,872
Last Week: 25,355
Last Day: 15,223

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