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Patcher is a 1.8.9 Forge mod created to improve your all-around Minecraft experience, bringing tons of Quality of Life additions, performance improvements, and tons of Vanilla bug fixes.

For a list of mods that are no longer needed while using Patcher & recommended alternatives, please visit this link.

If you have any issues while using Patcher, please let us know at our support server on Discord.


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Patcher 1.5.1 for Minecraft 1.8.9

Change Log

1.5.1 - 1.8.9 (Dec 27, 2020)


+ Resolve Compact Chat & Optimized Resource Pack Discovery issues by force-disabling them when Labymod is found. This issue is entirely on their end.
+ Resolve pack icons below 64x64 being upscaled to 64x64, wasting memory.


+ Recolor Safe Chat Clicks.

1.5 - 1.8.9 (Dec 26, 2020)


+ Auto Copy Screenshots. Automatically copy a screenshot to the clipboard when taken. (Screenshots -> General)
+ Check Armorstand Rules: Don't cull armorstands with the NBT flag "Marker:1b". Will provide better visibility for a lot of things in Hypixel Skyblock (for example) that get removed by Entity Culling, while losing out on some performance. (Performance -> Culling)
+ Chunk Update Limiting: Limit the amount of chunk updates that happen a second. (Performance -> World, min 5 max 250, has a hard toggle for no cap, Credits: Moulberry)
+ Compact Chat Time: Change how long before old messages are no longer compacted. (Screens -> Chat, replaces Super Compact Chat)
+ Delete any separator that was previously apart of a compacted message.
+ Detect ModCore in mods folder, warn the user if it's present as it could lead to crashing.
+ Disable Mapped Item Frames: Stop item frames only with maps as their item from rendering. (Performance -> Entity Rendering)
+ Fluid Stitching: Fix missing edges in fluids. May cause Z-Fighting against other blocks. (Bug Fixes -> Rendering)
+ Force tooltips to render above potion effects.
+ Inventory Scale: Change the GUI Scale of the inventory standalone of your normal GUI Scale. Accessed by '/invscale help'. (Credits: Moulberry)
+ Move Tooltips to render above Potion Effects.
+ Nether Wart & Wheat support for 1.12 hitboxes.
+ Optimized Resource Pack Discovery. When using more than 50 resource packs, the screen to view them may take a while. This should now be much quicker. (Credits: Moulberry)
+ Optimized Skin Loading: Reduce the amount of stutter when loading into a world with a lot of players, caused by fetching the skin file and applying it. (Credits: Moulberry)
+ Remove Screen Bobbing: While using View Bobbing, only remove the view aspect but have the hand still bounce around. (Miscellaneous -> General)
+ Rewrote Compact Chat & the way it works.
+ Shift Chat: Holding shift while pressing enter will keep chat open. (Screens -> Chat)
+ Smart Disconnect: Choose between disconnecting or relogging when clicking the disconnect button. (Screens -> General)

+ OptiFine I7-M5: Resolve OptiFine causing resourcepacks that edit the XP bar color to be the Vanilla color. (Credits: Moulberry)
+ OptiFine L5-L6: Resolve horses sometimes never rendering, and hitting said horse would cause the screen to have a red tint. (Credits: rbrick & DJtheRedstoner)
+ OptiFine L5-L6: Resolve signs flickering while editing them, such as the Hypixel Skyblock Banker's signs. (Credits: DJtheRedstoner)
+ OptiFine L5-L6: Resolve wither particles following your crosshair when using L5 or above. (Credits: DJtheRedstoner)
+ OptiFine L5-M5: Resolve a duplicate & useless "Alternate Blocks" button in the Details menu. (Credits: DJtheRedstoner)
+ OptiFine M5-pre1 & pre2 support.
+ Resolve Forge issue where "Search:" in the Mods GUI would be "Search\:"
+ Resolve Minecraft sometimes never saving options.
+ Resolve the player not hearing when their own armor breaks.


+ Make sure the entity is in the same world as the player before culling.
+ Resolve Alternate Text Shadow not affecting Shadowed Nametags.
+ Resolve Chat Height issues with Vanilla Enhancements.
+ Resolve Crop Hitbox issues.
+ Resolve FOV setting not saving when using /fov.
+ Resolve Inventory Position being overwritten by Spiderfrog's Old Animations.
+ Resolve Patcher's interaction with Levelhead & PingTag.
+ Resolve Z-Fighting on Shadowed Nametags.
+ Resolve a few transformer issues and the way they interact with other mods.
+ Resolve bleeding text color, causing several rendering issues with transparent HUD elements.
+ Resolve crash when running /patcher debugfps.
+ Resolve dropped items never rendering with Labymod.
+ Resolve issues regarding SkyblockAddons & Entity Render Distance, and NotEnoughUpdates & Entity Culling.
+ Resolve issues with unicode font rendering with italics.
+ Resolve keybinds being loaded too early, resolving issues with mods that use Mixins on KeyBinding.
+ Resolve messages with type 1 (Command Blocks and such) not being compacted.
+ Resolve most/all complaints about Compact Chat. This may behave weirdly as a result, as it has been entirely rewritten so expect a few issues. (Credit: Moulberry)
+ Resolve not being able to open screenshots folder after deleting a screenshot.
+ Resolve not being able to use Drop Modifier in some situations.
+ Resolve own nametag rendering while in spectator.
+ Resolve possible crash when connecting a server quickly.
+ Resolve the sun sometimes being black when using a Powns mod.


+ Alert the user when uploading too many screenshots too quickly.
+ Changed /coords to /sendcoords.
+ Completely redesigned Name History menu, should look much nicer now.
+ Force Chat History Length to always be 32767, removes option to change.
+ Force max FOV through /fov to be 110 to stop things from being broken when too high.
+ Made Hotbar Utilities look more consistent.
- Removed Chunk Lighting Fix due to complaints of stuttering.

1.4.1 - 1.8.9 (Oct 31, 2020)


+ Force Entity Culling to be disabled if Vanilla Enhancements or Labymod are found in their loaded mods.
+ Stop the client from launching if using OptiFine I3 or lower as these have never been supported by Patcher and will always crash.

1.4 - 1.8.9 (Oct 26, 2020)


+ Better F1: Hide nametags when using F1.
+ Chat Timestamps Format: Use 12 Hour or 24 Hour time formats for Chat Timestamps.
+ Clean Text Shadow: Change the text shadow to only move down rather than moving to the side.
+ Fixed a ton of <a href ="">Vanilla bugs (over 40)</a>.
+ Preview Animation: Change the way the Screenshot Preview animation looks.
+ Preview Scale: Change the scale of the Screenshot Preview.
+ Preview Time: Change how long Screenshot Preview lasts.
+ Rewrote Entity Culling to use Depth Buffer Sampling, resulting in much better culling performance.
+ Shadowed Nametags: Render nametag text with a shadow.
+ Silence scoreboard spam when in a place like Skyblock Dungeons.
+ Smart Entity Culling: Automatically disable Entity Culling when using OptiFine shaders.
+ Smart Fullbright: Automatically disable Fullbright when using OptiFine shaders.
+ Smooth Zoom: Add an animation to the zoom effect when using OptiFine zoom.
+ Toggle Zoom: Use OptiFine zoom with a single keypress instead of holding it.
+ Zoom Sensitivity: Change your sensitivity when using OptiFine zoom.


+ Fixed skin transparency on player skulls breaking potion effect icon.
+ Resolved freeze when copying a screenshot to clipboard.
+ Resolved freeze when enchanting an item for the first time.
+ Resolved performance issues when using Damage Glance.


+ Added support for OptiFine L6.
+ Detect duplicate mods on startup and warn the user.
+ Made 1.14 camera handling able to be toggled.
+ Made Chat Peek a held keybind instead of a toggle.
+ Reorganized Patcher settings.

1.3 - 1.8.9 (Sep 01, 2020)


+ Allow removing transparency from clouds. (Performance -> World).
+ Async Block & Item Loading.
+ Async Mod Loading.
+ Improved overall memory usage.
+ Optimized Fog Color Calculation. (Performance -> World)
+ Optimized Font Renderer. (Performance -> Rendering)
+ Optimized Item Rendering. (Performance -> Items)
+ Optimized Lightmap Updates.
+ Optimized Model Rendering. (Performance -> World)
+ Optimized Particle Collision.
+ Optimized Particle Color Calculation. (Performance -> Particles).
+ Particle Culling - Stop rendering particles that you don't see. (Performance -> Culling)

+ 1.12 Potato/Carrot hitboxes. (Quality of Life -> General, will only work on Hypixel)
+ Add option to simplify Optifine L5's FPS Counter. (Quality of Life -> Optifine)
+ Chat Peek Keybind - "Open" chat with a keybind, allowing you to read the last few available messages without opening chat. (Located in the keybinds menu)
+ Detect incompatible mods on startup & tell the user. (Currently only Frames+ & the old 5zig)
+ Drop Modifier Keybind - Change the key used to drop a stack of items, allowing you to make it something such as K+Q. (Located in the keybinds menu)
+ Entity Render Distance - Choose how far away an entity has to be before rendering. (1 to 64 (vanilla, default), Performance -> Rendering)
+ Gui Crosshair - Removes the crosshair when inside of any GUI. (Quality of Life -> General)
+ Image Previewing - Hover over an image link and display the current image on the screen, currently only supports Imgur and Badlion Client screenshots. (Quality of Life -> Image Preview)
+ Remove Crosshair Inversion - Allow disabling the inverted color effect on the crosshair. (Quality of Life -> General)
+ Remove Underwater FOV - Allow removing the slight FOV change when entering water. (Quality of Life -> Field of View)
+ Remove the "Unable to locate sign at (coords)" message from chat.
+ Select a server while on the multiplayer menu through ctrl + number.
+ Show Patcher version in the F3 menu.
+ Show what link/command will be ran when hovering over a chat component. (Quality of Life -> Chat)
+ Slider allowing you to change how much the tab goes down when there's a bossbar present. (now 10 by default as that's much better compared to how far down it was prior, min 0 max 24, Quality of Life -> Tab)

+ Fix Forge issue where some class names use ',' instead of '.'
+ Vanilla Bug Fix - MC-31222/Crash when pressing a Hotbar slot key & leaving the GUI at the same time.


+ Catch null screenshots from attempting to be deleted.
+ Fix blacklisted servers not being blacklisted when restarting.
+ Fixed Screenshot Preview utilizing other threads to display the image.
+ Fixed player sprint particles being removed when using "Disable Block Breaking Particles".
+ Fixed skulls not respecting skin transparency.
+ Fixed small chance to crash on opening the server menu.
+ Imgur Uploading no longer blocks the client while uploading.
+ ReplayMod, CustomMainMenu, 5zigReborn, & bspkrscore Compatibility.
+ Screenshot Preview now functions properly.
+ Stop Hotbar Glances from appearing while in spectator mode.
+ Stop rendering the nametag twice when using Entity Culling & Don't Cull Nametags.


+ Extend 'Disable Armorstands' description to note that this setting will also disable most NPC names on most servers.
+ Make ResourceExploitFix toggleable for servers that don't support what it's trying to do. (Fixes -> Security)
+ Move the cloud renderer related items from Rendering to World.
+ Moved /name & /pblacklist to /patcher name/names playerName | blacklist serverip. User is told about these when using the original.
+ Moved some chat messages over to ModCore notifications (Can be reverted by entirely disabling ModCore notifications in /modcore).

1.2 - 1.8.9 (May 16, 2020)


+ Optimized startup time when using a lot of mods that go through a lot of construction.
+ Optimized visible face scanning in frustum culling.
+ Optimized GL Error Checking further.
+ Resolve an undocumented Vanilla bug in LWJGL 2.0 that caused inputs on mouse button 4 to be treated as mouse button 5 when any modifiers are pressed (Shift, Control, etc.)
+ Resolve Vanilla Bug MC-63020 & MC-70850/False-negatives in frustum culling, leaving empty spots in chunks.
+ Resolve Vanilla Bug MC-35714/Sounds duplicate when entering/leaving a GUI.
+ Resolve Vanilla Bug MC-77759/The game takes a screenshot when pressing the "<|>" key on foreign keyboards.


+ Fix deleted screenshots being kept in memory.

1.1 - 1.8.9 (May 08, 2020)


+ Entity Culling - Don't render entities that you can't see. (Performance -> Culling)
+ Don't Cull Nametags - When using Entity Culling, enable this if you still want to see name tags. (Performance -> Culling)
+ Remove Water Overlay - Remove the water texture overlay when underwater. (Quality of Life -> Overlay)
+ Protection/Projectile Protection Values - View the total amount of protection & projectile protection you currently have with your armor. (Quality of Life -> Combat Utilities)
+ Drop All Key - Drop an entire stack using a key. (Only useful for macOS, as this isn't normally possible on there)
+ NameHistory - Press a set keybind while hovering over a player (player has to be within 12 blocks) to view their name history, or type /names <username>.
+ Transparent chat field - Remove the box under the currently typed chat message. (Quality of Life -> Chat)
+ CleanView integration - Stop rendering potion effects emitted by the player. (Quality of Life -> Rendering, originally by LianMI)
+ Windowed Fullscreen - Remove the border around the window when fullscreen, also includes Instant Fullscreen (Instant Fullscreen only works on Windows, Quality of Life -> Fullscreen)
+ ScreenshotManager Integration - Include our mod, ScreenshotManager, which allows for a much better screenshotting experience (Quality of Life -> Screenshot Utilities)
+ Clean Main Menu - Remove the realms button and extend the width of the mods button. (Quality of Life -> General)
+ Disable Block Breaking Particles - Remove the particles created by blocks when breaking. (Performance -> Particles)
+ Disable Enchantment Table Book - Remove the book from enchantment tables. (Performance -> Rendering)
+ Disable GL Error Checking - Disable unnecessary constant checking for errors in OpenGL. (Performance -> General)
+ Disable Enchantment Glint - Stop enchantment glints from rendering. (Performance -> Rendering)
+ Save Chat when toggling fullscreen. (Quality of Life -> Chat, by UserTeemu)
+ Log Optimizer - Remove logs within a set amount of days. (1 -> 90, Quality of Life -> Cleaner, off by default)
+ Refresh Skin - Refresh your current skin without having to leave the world. (Button can be toggled in Quality of Life -> General, can also be invoked using /refreshskin)
+ Super Compact Chat - Compact messages within the select range. (1 (previous functionality) -> 25, Quality of Life -> Chat)
+ Ignore tall grass/flowers when in third person.
+ AntiClearChat - Remove blank messages from chat.
+ Server List - Remove the 'Open to Lan' button when in a multiplayer server and replace it with a server list button. (Quality of Life -> General)
+ Optimized Cloud Rendering - Upload cloud geometry to the GPU, resulting in much faster cloud rendering. (Performance -> Rendering)
+ Optimizations regarding TileEntities, PathFinding memory leak, BlockEntities removal, Resource loading, Entity capability checks, GameRules, and other players.
+ Vanilla Bug - MC-234/z-fighting when digging straight down.
+ Vanilla Bug - MC-101233/burned out Redstone torch map causes a memory leak.
+ Vanilla Bug - MC-2781/languages using Windows IME to type (chinese, korean, japanese, etc.) cannot speak in chat. 
+ Vanilla Bug - MC-417/arrows bounce back then appear at correct location.
+ Vanilla Bug - MC-11519 & MC-50304/collecting too much xp could act as an epilepsy trigger & experience orbs are too low to the ground.
+ Vanilla Bug - MC-58614/xp bar isnt transparent when crosshair isnt visible.
+ Vanilla Bug - MC-1846/player camera is too far back, making things appear the way they shouldnt. (Fixes -> Parallax Fix)
+ Vanilla Bug - MC-92057/particles/entities at y>=256 are dark
+ Vanilla Bug - Skylight performance being recalculated is very slow.


+ Resolve ResourceExploitFix not working at all.
+ Resolve Void Flicker Fix not working at all.


+ Made CrossChat optional.
+ Compact Chat now ignores things like separators & empty messages.
+ Tab Overlay Ping now draws with a shadow.
+ Rename 'Hotbar Utilities' to 'Combat Utilities'.
+ Rename 'Fire Height' to 'Fire Overlay Height', move to 'Overlay'.
+ Rename 'Pack Images' to 'Downscale Pack Images', move to 'Resources'.
+ Better mod support regarding Levelhead, PingTag, and TNT Timer.

1.0 - 1.8.9 (Apr 05, 2020)

The initial release of Patcher.

Mod Stats

Total Users: 230,947
Last Week: 60,215
Last Day: 19,259

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