General Mods Support

If you would like support for any of the Minecraft mods Sk1er LLC provides, please reach our to our offical Twitter (@Sk1erLLC) by either tagging us in a conversation or sending a Direct Message.

If you do not have Twitter, you can also email us: [email protected]


Hyperium Support

If you would like support for Hyperium, please join the Hyperium Discord and either ask your question in the #support channel or type -new in the #commands channel.

Social Media / Contact

Sk1er LLC

Twitter: @Sk1erLLC

General Contact Email: [email protected]


Email: [email protected]
Name: Mitchell
Position: CEO, Developer


Email: [email protected]
Name: Hunter
Position: Developer


Email: [email protected]
Name: Kerby
Position: Developer


Email: [email protected]
Name: Asbyth
Position: Developer

Want to join the team?

We are constantly looking for new talented people. Send an application to [email protected]