Popup Events

Popup Events allows you to easily join/deny a request on Hypixel with the press of a single key.


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Direct Download

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Change Log


1.8.9 (Popup Events - Jan 08, 2020)

Fixes accepting a request despite pressing the deny key


1.8.9 (Popup Events - Jan 01, 2020)

Fixed an issue with the mod version


1.8.9 (Popup Events - Dec 30, 2019)

Added Duel Requests (by Geek)
Added Guild Invites (by Nystrex)


1.8.9 (Popup Events - Dec 27, 2019)

Added Hypixel Skyblock trade requests


1.8.9 (Popup Events - Dec 26, 2019)

The initial release of Popup Events

Mod Stats

Total Users: 93
Last Week: 68
Last Day: 33