Nick Hider

The purpose of this mod is to provide a better experience to those who choose to share their game with others. The mod is simple (On the frontend at least). It replaces a players' own nick with their real name. For example, if I were nicked as "Hypixel9541", it would show as "Sk1er" in all places. The mod also has a few more modes. The first of these modes forces all players to have a default skin. The second mode renames all from their default name to a pseudo generated name. All of these features should make stream sniping and the discovery of a player's nick significantly harder. The mod will only make a difference if the user is openly broadcasting their screen. It will not change how the player appears to anybody not using the mod. Any abuses of the mod will lead to it being revoked (There is a UUID based disable system).

The mod will do its best to detect and mask your nick. If you manually type a nick it will not be masked until it is applied but if you use the generate random nick tool, the nick will never appear on your screen while you use the mod. The mod was designed for Hypixel, I cannot gaurantee that it will work on other servers.

This mod is not perfect but it should help the users in need. If any Hypixel YT's would like the extended version, please contact me on one the specified channels below.


/nickhider toggle - Toggles mod
/nickhider skin - Toggles whether players have their normal skin or the default one to add another level of obscurity.
/nickhider self - Toggles whether just your name is changed or all players have a different name. When enabled all players' names are swapped for a pseudo random name in the form PlayerXXXXXX.
/nickhider pseudo [pseudo] - This command allows you to configure the pseudo the mod uses. If two players have the same pseudo configured, and the renaming of other players is enabled, all players will be renamed to the same thing on both players' games making communication possible. The pseudo is randomly generated on every game start.
/nickhider pseudo show - Shows cuirrent pseudo

Mod Stats

Total Users: 144,419
Last Week: 5,750
Last Day: 2,060