General Information

How it works

In order to download some mods or access certain redirects, this website checks whether the current user is subscribed to a specific YouTube channel. In order to perform this check securely, the Google OAuth API is utilized. During this, the user is redirected to official Google servers, where they securely verify themselves outside of the website and with Google alone, and then they are redirected back to the website with a session token from Google. This token allows the website to check whether they are subscribed to a specific YouTube chanel without having direct access to the user's Google Account. The token returned from Google is never stored and is immediately destroyed following the subscription check being executed. In order for this check to occur within the Google API, the user must grant access for the service (In this case "Sk1er Website") to view their YouTube account. When a user logs in, Google asks the user for confirmation that he or she would like the website to view be the YouTube account associated with the applicable Google Account. The website can not view any other information about Google account and does not store any information about the visit.

I received an email saying you have access to my Google Account. What's that about?

The Google email is sent as an automated message to make sure users stay protected and safe. This email is generalized when any service is granted access to any information on a Google account for the first time. You can, at any point, revoke the clearance granted through Also on this page, you can view that the service Sk1er Website can only view the user's YouTube channel and no other information.

Privacy Policy

What information do we collect

We collect only the essential information required for operation of our services. That information includes basic information about the YouTube channel associated with the applicable Google Account including whether that channel has an active subscription with a specific YouTube channel.

How do you use the information?

This information collected is used to determine if the YouTube channel associated with the applicable Google Account is subscribed to a specific YouTube channel.

What information do we share or store?

No information is stored or logged in any way. No information is shared with any party. All information gathered through the Google OAuth API is only retained within the scope of the specific request.